Counseling for Teenagers

Because of age-appropriate needs for independence and differentiation, your teenager likely needs a mentor who is not a family member that they can trust and follow. I have been working with teenagers for 20 years and  I am passionate about engaging teenagers so that they have a safe and easy adult that can offer guidance in this difficult life transition.

Does this describe your relationship with your teen?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to deal with your teenager?
  • Are you unable to stop yourself from yelling at them?
  • Do you feel like you are losing your child?
  • Are you looking for new techniques with how to talk to your child?
  • Are you looking for a mentor that your teenager will trust and whose guidance your teenager will follow?

Does this describe your teen’s behavior?

  • Has the child’s emotions or behaviors gotten worse in their teenage years?
  • Is your teenager often angry at you and unable to talk through it? Do they argue or yell a lot?
  • Are they breaking a lot of rules, skipping classes, doing drugs, or lying?
  • Is your teenager shutdown and unwilling or unable to open up to you?
  • Does your teenager spend large amounts of time on on the computer or phone and little time with friends?
  • Do they seem timid, anxious, or unwilling to take risks?
  • Do they avoid social situations?
  • Does your teenager often appear sad or lonely?
  • Do they spend large amounts of time in their room?
  • Have they been different ever since their life became more challenging?

My approach to therapy for teenagers

With teenagers, I show them that, in addition to being “cool”, I also can and will show them better ways to feel their feelings, express their feelings, and advocate for their needs so that they are no longer stuck in negative behaviors. They will have a safe place to feel connected around their difficult feelings and learn new ways of coping with those feelings. Through this mentoring approach to counseling they will grow to trust an adult that can offer them healthier and more productive ways of relating to themselves and the world.

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