Counseling for Children

Is your child anxious, angry, or sad? Do they have have emotional meltdowns or throw tantrums? Are they unable to get along with family members or having trouble adjusting to a life change? Are they unable to explain to you what they need from others in order to show self-control? I have over 20 years of experience working with children struggling with adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders, disruptive/impulse-control/conduct disorders, mood disorders, neuro-developmental disorders, grief and trauma/abuse. Understanding what is causing your child’s behavior is often more challenging than making the necessary changes to help them. Feel free to call for a free consultation.

Children’s Therapy

Working with children is often too challenging for many therapists because conventional therapy approaches require types of introspection that rely on a fully developed brain. This full development does not happen until the age of 25.

Because of my experience working with children and adolescents in therapy, education, sports coaching, and extracurricular enrichment, I utilize play therapy techniques, art therapy techniques, and psycho-educational story telling to create teachable moments for your child. In this way, your child will have fun while they are challenged to learn pro-social adaptive behaviors that will translate to more effective problem solving skills both at school and at home. And, if your child has experienced trauma or loss, then I will create a safe environment for them to express their feelings so that they are not acting them out at school and home.

While I have many subspecialties, my greatest asset as a therapist is in my ability to reach any and every child. My office space is larger than most in order to accommodate board games, stuffed animals, books, toys, art supplies, and a therapeutic sand-tray. Helping children learn and grow has always been one of my greatest loves.

Family members are always welcome to join sessions in order to incorporate family counseling and parent coaching into the growth process. This often makes treatment more efficient.

Children with Learning Disabilities, Asperger’s, Autism, Social Communication Disorders, and ADHD

Living with cognitive struggles can be challenging even at the best of times. I will teach both parents and children coping strategies for daily functionality and, when requested, collaborate with school employees and/or medical professionals to help create wrap-around services that best suit your child’s needs.

Grief Counseling

It is often said that grief is love and loss. And losing a loved one is often as painful as the love is strong. Finding a confidant who can witness your child’s pain without trying to fix it or become overwhelmed by the inevitable storm of emotions can be difficult among even the most amazing friends and family. I will provide your child with a supportive and fun place to express their grief so that they will come to come to know acceptance and joy in their future.